Treningi Francija

Sledi angleški opis obiska francoskega kluba Loire Boxe Française v Saint Etienne-u, Franciji - Udeleženka v 2013: Polona Mihalič.

In the first semester of this school year I went on Erasmus exchange in France in the city called Saint-Étienne. This is the captial city of the department Loire in the beautiful region Rhône-Alpes. Here I had the opportunity to train savate in the club Loire Boxe Française (well this was also one of the reasons why i decided to go to the Erasmus exchange – to train in french savate club). 
The trainer of the club is Donato Carbone who also used to be a very successful combat fighter. Overall he has more than 30 years of experiences in savate and silver glove in savate technique and savate combat. Under his guidance many fighters achieved high results, but the most successful fighters are definitely his sons, Richard Carbone, who has been champion of France and Italy for three times respectively, world champion of assaut and vice champion of Europe in Elite A, and Romain Carbone, who has been champion of France for four times, champion of the world in combat and champion of Europe in Elite A. 
That's why trainings in Loire BF with so successful fighters and trainer were always a pleasure for me. And not only did the trainer take care of good trainings, but he also always took care of a good atmosphere in the club so my motivation for the trainings was always on the top. I learned many new things there because I had opportunity to train with a lot of different fighters and because trainings were a bit different there than they are in my club. I also had the chance to train and fight in the ring, which we still don’t have here in Ljubljana!
Without the trainings in the club Loire BF my Erasmus exchange would not nearly have been so interesting and pleasant as it was, so I would like to thank again to the whole members of the club and especially to the team Carbone to give me the opportunity to train in their club and to treat me like I was their fighter. C'etait un plaisir de s'entrainer avec vous! Bonne chance pour les futures compétitions! :)

Loire Bf, season 2013/2014

From left to right: Donato Carbone, Richard Carbone and Romain Carbone